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About LANG

LANG (The Language Advisory Networking Group) was formed to foster understanding and collaboration among the language departments at the University of Toronto so that they could exchange, develop and disseminate ideas and research on pedagogy and second language learning. Through these collaborative efforts, LANG aims to provide a forum dedicated to the principles of continued research in the field of information technologies and the promotion of the integration of such technologies in the foreign language classroom.
As a corollary to these activities the Consortium hopes to become a national depository for the collection and storage of statistical and scholarly data related to second language learning and teaching. LANG will also strive to provide a clear and committed voice designed to articulate the interests of our discipline and institutions in the development of policies by provincial and federal bodies.

To achieve its mission, LANG will promote the exchange of ideas, facilitate exploration in research and practices on language learning and teaching across the language departments at the University of Toronto and enhance the ability of its members to support the effective use of information technology. It will foster collaboration across the departments and other research institutions at the national and international levels to ensure the expression, dissemination and retrieval of information and knowledge on language learning and teaching.

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